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2pcs Heart shape Crystal Decal Emblem Decoration Rhinestone Transfer Iron on hot fix,Crystal Bling Motif for Hat,Jacket, Gymnast Accessories

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Price Per 2 Pieces
Materials; rhinestones, Hit transfer paper
Size: 8cm" wide x 6cm" tall. and is made of Clear Rhinestones.
Simply Peel, Stick & Iron on
Suitable for home, car, textiles, clothing store, decorations, and more DIY projects.
High quality machine cut glass rhinestones for all there designs. rhinestone are machine cut and will definately stand out from your traditional rhinestones. Each rhinestone cut is precisionaly lasered to ensure you get consistant shine and sparkle, this greatly improves the clarity of the rhinestone which results in a much greater sparkle. Once you have transferred rhinestones on your garments Or any other you wont want to use any other.
How to use: Simply Peel Iron on. what you want to do is have a flat surface where you can place the material that you wish to iron the patches on to. Next, directly on the piece of material, place your patch to your desired area. Next place a clean, DRY, cloth towel directly on top of the patch so it covers all surface area. All to do next is iron on the patch as if you were ironing a shirt.