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Metallic Gold Trimming Patch Applique Iron on Transfer Applique Patch, Price For 2 Pcs

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Applique Embroidered Iron on Patch
Measurement : 7.25'' X 2.5''
Price Per 2 Pcs
Metallic Gold Color
Beautiful embroidered applique price 2 pcs, suitable for Dress Accessories Patch and other Craft Project. Only in White Color, Material 100% Polyester

1. Preheat iron to max heat setting (cottons) for 3 minutes.
2. Pretest your fabric for heat tolerance at this setting by doing a single pass on the clothing.
3. Place the applique on your surface, cover the applique with a cotton cloth.
4. Iron for 30 seconds. Apply pressures, especially on the edges.
5. Turn garment inside-out, and, with your heated iron, apply pressures for 30 seconds to the back of applique.
6. Remove the iron. Let the applique cool for 5 minutes before trying a corner gently to check.

For best secure result, sew around the edges of applique after iron-on instruction.