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4 pcs Rhinestones Patch Crystal Girl Applique Iron-on Transfer Patch Bling,

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Material: shinny silver rhinestone
This beautiful embellishment design can be used alone as a simple ornament for clothes or you can add your idea and use it as an accent piece to your design.
Iron on Hotfix Transfer on tote bag, fabric surface, T-shirts, canvas bags, paper, robes, sweatshirts
Star Size: approx.:2 1/4'' x 1 3/4''
Price per 4 pieces
How to use: Simply Peel, Iron on. what you want to do is have a flat surface where you can place the material that you wish to iron the patches on to. Next, directly on the piece of material, place your patch to your desired area. Next place a clean, DRY, cloth towel directly on top of the patch so it covers all surface area. All to do next is iron on the patch as if you were ironing a shirt.